PDF Compress

PDF Compress

PDF Compress can be used to reduce the actual size of a portable document (PDF)
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PDF Compress can be used to reduce the actual size of a portable document (PDF). It works by compressing various types of contents, such as text, graphics and embedded fonts. Fortunately, the tool supports various input PDF versions. Likewise, the output files can be viewed on any application that supports opening PDF documents.

It has a simple interface; yet, it is not very attractive. You can enter all the necessary data from a single screen. Thus, besides picking the source file, you can change such metadata as author, title, subject, and keywords. Moreover, you can also decide which contents to shrink. Additional information about the current file can also be accessed, including number of pages, paper size, modification date, encryption state. It is too bad that this tool does not allow compressing PDF files in batches.

In general, this application can make your documents really portable by reducing their size, which will decrease their upload and download times as well as the used disk space. When tested, the application managed to reduce various documents to approximately 80% of their original size.

Pedro Castro
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  • It is easy to use.
  • It supports multiple PDF versions.
  • It allows changing the documentĀ“s metadata


  • It is not very attractive.
  • It does not support batch processing
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